Here at HQ, we take great pride in preparation and the delivery of over 30+ classes a week! Our friendly and enthusiastic staff who have gathered a genuine bond with members, creating a community atmosphere. Our timetable will show and explain each individual class, where you can then get stuck into straight away.

Our wide range of classes, who are thought by our professional instructors can all be booked via the HQ app or non-members can phone the gym reception on +353 93 70465 to secure a slot!

If you are looking for a bodyweight HIIT and weighted conditioning class, this is going to be your thing. Utilising a full-body approach to training, you will be using barbells, plates, KB, and bodyweight exercises to make you stronger, fitter, and leaner each session. Incorporating CrossFit movements with classical weightlifting movements. Time to prove to yourself you can be the best version of yourself!

We bring you our most popular class, where we make spin your thing! Spinning up a sweat for 30 minutes and then, Crunching, twisting, and planking your way to a killer set of abs for 30 mins. All in 30-degree heat! Scientifically proven to add strength, stability and endurance that supports your full body physicality, this will leave you sweating from every pore!

Challenge your strength & endurance with this aerobic capacity class. Helping individuals create a more robust and efficient aerobic system. The systematic approach using B.R.S (bike, row, ski), and compound movements to help raise performance levels. Taking control of your own cardiovascular capacity!

This class never gets old with always a brand-new workout routine and class structure. Each particular workout will be specially designed, always creating an energy-empowering environment. Typically, a mix of weights, bodyweight movements and cardio conditioning, this is a great way to shock your muscle fibres and always keep everyone on their toes!

Where you brace yourself for indoor spinning, bringing the intensity to push through the pedals as you sprint, climb, and sweat through the saddle. All while sculpting and toning your body!

Vish is an experienced powerlifter where he brings lift with Vish to teach you every aspect in lifting technique, mobility, and drills to nail down form, to help you avail maximum strength in your lifts!

Wing Tsung is a self-defence training programme that can be applied to most conflict situations, where you cover 3 basic elements which are; self-defence, form & drills, and Lat Sao/Chi Sao. Open to both males and females of all levels!

Alan’s back with a bang, where you punch your way to achieve them abs you always wanted, while also learning how to box in a fun environment. Incorporating this mix ensures you get the best bang for your buck while combining many boxing techniques and bags!