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North Galways newest fitness community.

Welcome to CrossFit Tuam.

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Per month. Includes:

  • Unlimited Classes

  • Complimentary access to HQ Gym

  • Ample Free Parking

  • Free WiFi

  • Changing rooms

  • Showers

  • Sauna

  • On-site Coffee Shop

Crossfit, HQ

Above are our membership options which are available to purchase now in advance of opening.

How does it work? Simply click on the Buy Now button and it’ll bring you to our members site – select the membership type you want, fill out the information required, and then pay!

This guarantees you one of the limited membership places before activation starts at our official opening. If, for example, you purchase a Silver Membership for €85 per month now, the next monthly payment will not be taken until 1 month after we officially launch.

Crossfit, HQCrossfit, HQ

Crossfit, HQ

Frequently Asked Questions

I am new to a gym, will I be able for CrossFit?

Yes, as a new facility we aim to bring all our members through the workouts together. We do so by scaling, meaning we scale the workout accordingly so more reps, heavier weight or shorter time for the more experienced members or the other way round is lighter weights, fewer reps and more time for the less experienced.

What if I feel I can't do all the skill work like everyone else?

We do have a skill section in our workouts that we coach and practice before the main workout so you’ll have time to ‘rehearse’ it here but if you’re feeling like you need more help with it we do offer a Fundamentals Programme which offers either small group training for 4 weeks or 1:1 training for 4 weeks. If you’d like more information click here to get in touch.

I am an experienced CrossFitter, will I grow and be challenged enough?

Yes, most certainly. As coaches we are very much focused on growth in all areas and as well as scaling your workouts to ensure they are challenging enough we are also bringing in coaches who specialize in relevant areas ie strength, gymnastics to hold skill specific days.

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